The Micklethwaite Papers

Carre Gallery now hosts a permanent display relating to Charles Haslewood Shannon (1863 – 1937), perhaps Sleaford’s most famous artist. Charles Shannon was the son of Reverand Frederick William Shannon who was Rector of Quarrington.

Whilst examples of Shannon’s paintings, engravings and lithographs have been displayed at the Usher Gallery in Lincoln, he would largely have been forgotten in his home town of Sleaford were it not for the work of the late Christopher Micklethwaite.

Christopher spent over 20 years collecting prints and ephemera relating to Charles Shannon and lecturing on his work. Shannon was famous as an artist, illustrator and publisher. He was an important member of the Edwardian art scene with an eclectic group of friends including Whistler, Ricketts, Kathleen Scott (wife of Scott of the Antarctic), Oscar Wilde, Yeats and other contemporary artists.

Carre Gallery's permanent Charles Haslewood Shannon display

Whilst his work fell out of favour during the 20th century, scholars are now re-assessing Shannon’s role in the story of English Art. Shannon’s work is currently exhibited in leading UK, American and European galleries.

Christopher Micklethwaite’s family have donated his records to Carre Gallery where they are available for study by visitors to the gallery.

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Between major exhibitions the gallery hosts a changing display of work from a variety of Lincolnshire artists.

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