Arranging your exhibition

Key requirements for a successful exhibition are a carefully  designed display and proper publicity.

Carre Gallery setup for a recent exhibition

Put simply, no one will have a chance to appreciate your work if they don’t know when and where you will be exhibiting. To help with this we provide wall plans to help you plan your display and  templates for posters and invitations that you can alter and print yourself. The wall plans help you select the best location for small and large exhibits and can also be helpful in arranging grouping by size, theme or medium. Just use them as a general guide as you are bound to make some changes and adjustments when hanging.

Posters can be displayed in Sleaford and our volunteers can help with this. Most important of all are invitations and, circumstances permitting, a preview or private viewing. Our exhibitors usually arrange these early on a Monday evening. The gallery has a stock of glasses for exhibitors’ use. Your invitation list will no doubt include friends and relatives but also think of others and particularly those who might be persuaded to start collecting your work. For example, business and trade contacts, your professional advisors and ‘friends of friends’.

New exhibitions are also featured on the gallery website and your own use of social media can be extremely effective. Sponsorship is also worth considering, particularly if your work has a theme that can be associated with a local business.

Our volunteers may (at their discretion) be able to help with advice on hanging and help with invigilating.

There is also helpful guidance on the internet explaining how to plan a successful exhibition and you can find out more below:

Gallery Hours

Exhibitions normally open Monday to Saturday from 10.00am to 4.00pm.

Between major exhibitions the gallery hosts a changing display of work from a variety of Lincolnshire artists.

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